Moritz v3 (major update)

Completed a major Moritz revision during the autumn of 2014, and have just finished the corresponding documentation at this web site.

The main entry point for reading about Moritz v3 is at:
This page includes not only information about Moritz itself, but also some background, its raison d'etre etc.

The code for Moritz' Assistant Composer has been thoroughly overhauled, and is now open source on Github. Many optimisations are still possible, but at least the worst of the spaghetti has disappeared. (My coding style is a bit pedestrian by present day C# standards, but maybe that's not such a bad thing.)
The biggest change, apart from cleaning up the code, is that the generated scores can now contain both input and output chords. This enables much greater control over what happens when midi input information arrives during a live performance: Parallel processing can be used to enable a non-blocking, "advanced prepared piano" scenario. Single key presses can trigger either simple events or complex sequences of events, depending on how the links inside the score are organized. An example score can be viewed (but not yet played) here.

The Assistant Performer now has two Github repositiories:
Repository 1:
This contains a possibly rather old version, which is however working and stable. This version can be tried out on the web here.
Repository 2:
This is where the Assistant Performer is being developed. This version can be tried out on the web here. Warning: Note that this version is highly volatile. It may often contain bugs or not work at all!

The Assistant Performer does not yet implement the "advanced prepared piano" scenario. That is the next project on my agenda. 

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