Web MIDI Synths, Pianola Music transcription

This blog was silent in 2015 because I have been working on aspects of the Assistant Composer and Assistant Performer that don’t directly affect this website. These are:
  • Spring 2015: As planned I implemented the “advanced prepared piano” algorithm in the Assistant Performer. This involved making further changes to the file format for SVG-MIDI scores that also affected the Assistant Composer.
  • Autumn 2015: created the following new open-source GitHub repositories:
    SimpleMIDISynthHost2, and
    I am developing Web MIDI Synths that can be used as MIDI output devices by visitors to web sites, without them having to install any plug-ins.
    Added the Resident Soundfont Synth to the output devices available to the Assistant Performer.
  • December 2015: completed the transcription of my Pianola Music (1967) for the Assistant Performer. This was done as a test for the Resident Soundfont Synth.
A change that does affect the site came in January 2016 when I completed the documentation for the Pianola Music transcription. This includes a short summary of my time theory as it affects both the technical and social aspects of music.

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